ED ZEPPELIN // feature film

Production Designer

Rea, a lonely 11-year-old girl, befriends Robbie, the 28-year- old son of her neighbor who is no more a grown up than she is. Robbie has come to spend the summer away from the city to recuperate from a recent romantic break up, but the strong connection formed with Rea will make it hard for him to keep hiding away from life.

Directed by  Valery Brody
Produced by  Axel Öhman
Cinematography  Romain Fisson-Edeline

New York / May - August 2019

A WINDOW ON THE WORLD // feature film

Production Designer


TORINO Film Festival 2017

New York is about to be hit by a snowstorm. He wanders bitterly, between a love story which has ended and a job on Wall Street he has quit. She wanders disillusioned, with an old camera and, at home, a man she has to break up with. Their encounter is a possible love, frozen by the city in black and white and by the sense of the end which is looming over everything. Shot in film, looking at the Ground Zero of American cinema, between Amos Poe and the early Jarmusch.

Directed by  Axel Öhman
Produced by  Alexandra Peace
Cinematography  Romain Fisson-Edeline

New York / February - April 2016


Production Designer


LOCARNO Film Festival 2017

Scotland during the summer of the Brexit referendum. A day in Irene’s life, a waning beauty married to a stringent member of the Orange Order (an international Protestant fraternal organization) and the mother of a misanthropic teenage son.

Directed by  Sean Robert Dunn
Produced by  Juliana LembiAlexander PoluninJenni Gould
Cinematography  Arseni Khachaturan

Edinburgh, Scotland / July - August 2016

A HOLE IN THE STOMACH // short film

Production Designer


AUSTIN Film Festival 2018

Short film set in a dystopian near-future in NYC, where Eros, alcoholic god of love, spends his reluctant days drinking and removing arrows because nobody wants to be in love anymore. The story unfolds when he meets Bruna, a desperate girl with an arrow in her stomach that, for the first time, won’t come out. 

Directed by  Camila Zavala
Produced by  Victoria Rivera
Cinematography  Soren Nielsen

New York / May 2017

NOBODY'S WATCHING // feature film

On Set Dresser & Prop Master


TRIBECA Film Festival 2017
Won // Best Actor in an Int. Narrative Feature
Nominated // Best International Narrative Feature

"Nobody is watching" is a film about the struggle of self-imposed exile; how the pleasures of anonymity and freedom contrast with the pain of loneliness and loss that shapes immigrant experience. Nico, mid 30's, is a young Argentine actor fighting to build a career in the US, without assistance, or connections, never too far from heart-breaking failure, but often blinded by the mirage of immediate success.

Directed by  Julia Solomonoff
Produced by  Elisa Lleras, Felicitas Raffo, Isabel Coixet
Cinematography  Lucio Bonelli

Production Design  Maite Pérez-Nievas

New York / August - November 2015

ROCANROL 68 // feature film

Art Director

It's 1968 and Guille and Bobby, two friends who live in La Punta, Peru, enjoy the beach in their last summer before starting college and start their adult lives. Manolo is a teenager who dreams of one day making movies without much hope because of him being Peruvian. They listen to rock and feel sorry for how hard they find to leave their neighborhood to go to a concert. Their routine will change with the arrival of a young hippie spirit named Emma. The music of Los Yorks, Los Saicos, Telegraph Avenue, Los Shain's, Traffic Sound, The (St. Thomas) Pepper Smelter and Black Sugar are present in this film.

Directed by  Gonzalo Benavente
Produced by  Nathalie Hendrickx
Cinematography  Roberto Maceda Kohatsu

Production Design  Grecia Barbieri

Peru / December - March 2013