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An alternate state of consciousness is induced in a bitter little girl by her maid so that she can confront and, hopefully, overcome her deepest fears.

Written & Directed by  Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann
Produced by  Enid "Pinky" Campos
Cinematography Julián Amaru Estrada

Production Design Blanca Martínez

Sound Amador Del Solar

Original Score Alex Symcox

2018 / 16 min


Charlie, an 18 year old shy and insecure girl, has been secretly in love with her best friend Lily for quite some time. At the final high school party, before she leaves for college, Charlie will find out where she stands.

Directed by  Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann
Written by  Alexandra Peace

Produced by Alexandrea Peace, Barbara Cigarroa
Cinematography  Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann

Sound Nick Chauret

2015 / 13 min


A boy who has just lost his fisherman father is forced by his mother to go live away from the sea. He feels his feelings are not being taken into consideration, so he will not rest until his mother changes her mind and agrees to move back.

Written & Directed by  Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann
Produced by  Cynthia Castillo
Cinematography  César Fe

Production Design Aarón Rojas

Sound Percy Soto

Original Score Karin Zielinski, Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann

2011/ 16 min

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